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Plant-based, biological, biodegradable, and recyclable.

Our range of sustainable furniture includes pieces produced entirely from post-consumer plastic waste, some made from hemp, used cooking oil, reclaimed fishing nets and even used Carlsberg kegs.

Locally sourced.

97% of our furniture is sourced from Europe, helping to keeping our carbon footprint in check. What's more, by only buying quality pieces, we give our furniture the best chance of a lengthy life. 

Sustainable from start to finish.

From the pallet wrap we use, the protective coverings on our furniture, to the electricity that powers our building and cars, we're committed to ensuring every detail is considered throughout our business.

We don't do box ticking.

Through our highly scrutinised supply chain, we bring you the world's most sustainably produced furniture, without ever compromising on design.

Polluting fabrics not welcome here.

Our fabric choices are considered in painstaking detail, and we always do our best to pick fabrics that are either entirely natural and biodegradable or made from as much recycled material as humanly possible.

EU Ecolabel certified.

Many of our products have been awarded with globally recognised sustainability certifications such as the EU Ecolabel. Products with this label have been independently scrutinised and meet the highest environmental standards. 

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Sustainability with Substance